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Luffy enters into Gear 5

Gear 5 : One Piece Episode 1071 Review

Finally, the Gear 5 came out after waiting a lot. The episode promised a lot and it delivered. This episode let even the non- anime lovers binge-watch the whole anime to catch up with this episode.  It was the first time in the history of anime that for an episode there was a trailer.  The hype this episode created was unprecedented and it had fans of the show all around the world talking about it. This episode gave the fans what they were expecting and left them eagerly looking forward to the next episode.


Awakening of Gear 5

This devil fruit awakening sets the stage for the ultimate clash between Luffy and Kaido, promising an exciting encounter that fans have been looking forward to. Luffy’s awakening reveals an intriguing aspect. Unlike Paramecia awakenings, Zoan awakenings have hazards, including the possible transformation of people into mindless monsters. Throughout his change, Luffy’s contagious delight and little madness show the Zoan nature of his fruit, providing depth to his newfound powers.

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Episode 1071 reveals the actual name and nature of Luffy’s devil fruit in a surprising surprise. The famous Sun God Nika, a renowned deity in One Piece’s world, takes the front stage. Luffy’s Hito Hito no Mi: Model Nika costume allows him to take on the role of the Sun God Nika, a manifestation created of human wishes. Notably, Luffy is the only one who possesses these god-like abilities.


As the gripping drama progresses, One Piece fans can look forward to an epic fight between Luffy and Kaido, propelled by the raw ferocity of Gear 5. The complexities of Luffy’s awakened condition and the revelation of his divine skills make the world of One Piece even more compelling, leaving fans anxious to see how this legendary struggle unfolds.


Connection to Joy Boy

Joy Boy is a mysterious man who lived 800 years before Luffy and whose exact identity and much of his past are still unknown. Throughout the series, he is referred to as a liberator in ancient manuscripts. Zunesha, an ancient monster, said that Joy Boy had returned when Luffy awoke his fabled Zoan-type strength and his heartbeat began to resemble the sound of the “Drums of Liberation.”



Some people don’t like it because it feels like a cartoon. And for some people, the pop of Kaido’s eyes and the fight between them seems like a 90’s cartoon. 

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