The Promised Neverland everything about Norman Story, fate and season 2 spoilers

This post contains spoilers for the Promised Neverland Season 2 that what’s happened to Norman.

If you are reading this and you don’t want to get spoil then stop here.

We’re going to be discussing one of the series as most popular characters and one of the most mysterious to Norman we’ll be talking about what we’ve learned about his sad fate from the manga.

So in The Promised Neverland, we follow the story of orphan children that live in a lovely house with a lovely mom and a big happy family,

In Episode one before anything goes wrong, we see that Norman is the smartest kid in the house but he’s also the kind that wants others to believe in what they can do – for example, when ray calls Norman the smartest kid in the house, Norman replies that Ray is just as smart but he just gives up too easily and this is a theme that you’ll definitely notice between these two characters.

Norman sees what a person lacks, and he tries to help them overcome that for the sake of surviving and holding things together and that’s honestly one of his best qualities but more on that in just a little bit

Norman is the kind of kid that outthinks and outplays people even in real-time he always has a plan, and he’swilling to do anything to execute that plan which makes him extremely dangerous something that sister Krone quickly found out from what was supposed to be a friendly game of tag,

when Norman and Emma realized the truth about the house they both despair and go through their fear in pain but Norman is instantly realistic about the situation when Emma questions if it was actually Connie that was dead, and she started to slide into denial he decides that they have to plan and escape so the both of them can get away but when Emma says that she wants everyone else to come along

He decides that’s what they have to do because he likes Emma and knows that she wouldn’t be able to live outside the walls if she had to sacrifice the rest of the children to do it.

When Norman includes Ray in the plan, he never gives up his advantage over Ray, and he allows ready to keep working alongside them while they planned the escape even though he suspected ray of being the traitor instead of killing we’re doing something rash he ultimately saves Ray from Isabella and himself, and he is the reason that ray gets to live at the end of the season he uncovers Ray’s plot to kill himself, and he sets in motion a secret plan to stop ray from doing it he did all of this while he was going through what had to have been one of the most terrifying times of his life after Isabella confronted ray broke Emma’s leg and told Norman that he was going to be shipped out next Norman had very little time to react he tried to think of a way to live, but he honestly couldn’t think of anything, and he decided to spend the time that he had left helping his friends and completing his plan for their eventual as Emmma and Ray tried to get Norman to escape on his own, and he sees the cliff on the other side of the walls and decides that seeing the cliff would be enough to completely shake the children it’s pretty logical that the clip is actually more there as a mental deterrent than a purely physical one because if it wasn’t for the fact that they had the information about the clip already and a way to surpass it which made it a kind of simple obstacle to overcome the kids would have gotten to the wall on the night of the escape and they all would have been captured by Isabella and the demons,

so Norman is the key to how Ray survives the season and also how the rest of the kids get out alongside Ray and Emma, but he doesn’t get to make it out himself because ultimately he’s brought to the area between the gates that we’ve already seen several characters walk towards on their road to death while we’ve usually seen the demons outright kill and eat the victim in this room Isabella walks Norman over to a door and tells them that they’re actually going to be waiting for a bit and when the door opens,

Norman’s eyes got really wide and we don’t see him again until we start seeing his weird sort of mental ghost talking to the characters in the last two episodes but that was more sort of just them mentally saying goodbye to Norman and the house that wasn’t actually like Norman giving them a vision or anything the kids escape and we’ll see all the things that they get into during season two of the anime but is this where Norman’s story ends

While manga readers have been reading the manga weekly for a long time hoping and praying for some sort of hint for Norman’s ultimate fate and man was it rough, I mean there’s a few times where it almost seems that was about to get some sort of Norman based to reveal but it ends up being someone else eventually Emma makes her way to a town were escaped children are being hunted by demons and in this town,

she finds a mysterious plantation child that was way bigger than all the other kids and the kid looks like he eats Mack trucks for breakfast his name is Adam and he doesn’t say much, but he does repeat something over and over again two to one nine four now if you weren’t paying attention, or you just didn’t notice two one nine four is Norman’s number so this is where the entire fandom started erupting who was this guy that somehow knew Norman’s number how could he have seen Norman if Norman died back at grace-filled it just kind of seemed like it was finally time for Norman reveal at any chapter now,

but still, we had to wait finally though we got our answers and we did find out

What’s really happened to Norman, does he dead or alive?

What we find out is that when Isabella let Norman through those doors she actually handed Norman off to a very important man named Peter.

He’s a scientist that takes in Norman and asked Norman to help him with his research,

Norman agrees to help Peter with his research, and he gets to live as a result, but it was basically back to life as a cattle child for Norman with even more restrictions at a new farm that was built with massively increased security it’s revealed that this farm was actually made for them to develop a way of mass-producing the top-level premium meat,

Peter Scientist

so that the demons always have a source of food and don’t have to rely on the varying quality of the farm children during these experiments they altered the kids in all sorts of ways, and some even got strange abilities like massively increased speeder strength it incidentally made some of the children into warriors and Adam the big guy that we just mentioned earlier was also here and that’s why he’s so big he was tested on just like many other snow if you’re wondering if the experiments had any effect on Norman we’ll get to that in a second Norman spends some time in this farm doing even harder IQ tests than the ones in grace-filled which is already a top class house and on top of that he was forced to continually solve a 5×5 Rubik’s Cube which means that every surface had 25squares on it that he had to line up in his downtime all he could think about is the children that he left behind and how their lives might be right now after the plan hopefully succeeded it was constantly on his mind and because he couldn’t shake it off he decided that he had to escape and create a world where Ray, Emma and the other children actually have somewhere to escape to, he makes it out of Peter Autry’s farm which causes Peter to try and completely lock and erase everything Norman goes on to start building a group of escaped children, and he picks up on the work of William Minerva a mysterious icon who left messages in the books of the farm houses to try and give the children a path to escaping his sign is the owl that you see associated with things in the Promise Neverland world Norman takes on the role of law Minerva, and he even anonymously gets involved in Ray and Emma story from the shadows as he sends the messages telling them that their true enemy is Peter the scientists who took Norman unlike I said we’ll talk about him in his own dedicated video of that’s what you guys would like but what we’ve basically found is that Norman has become the leader of the human’s resistance against the demons but the experiments have changed him the experiments at the farm aged Norman and made him older and now he seems like a young man in his 20s and his face is just as mysterious as before but now he’s old enough to actually get involved in the events going on in the dark underside of the world and that’s exactly what Norman does Norman ultimately wants to rid the world of demons so that every child born in this world can be safe and know that they’ll never be another beings dinner Norman’s storyline here is where we’reintroduced to the Game of Thrones that is happening in the world of The Promised Neverland the Royal demons are struggling with power with demons who claim to have their own claim to the throne and Norman is playing them into war against each other to weaken them before he and the humans can swoop in and destroy them all it’s a genius plan and for Norman’s credit he’s playing the demons like a fiddle he knows that they plan on betraying him, and he seems to know their every move while also having various plans for what ifs and just in cases will his plan work there are some flaws in his idea that is going to be made obvious by other characters but Wonder where Norman’s character goes from here Norman is in a position to commit mass genocide, and he’s willing to do it because it’s for the sake of the children but is it right for one group to eradicate another if there’s some sort of agreement that can be reached or if there’s something else that can be done Norman doesn’t really care for any of these sort of alternate routes and ultimately that’s what makes him a leader that’s willing to completely erase a people even the innocence among them if it means that his people win and that actually kind of puts him on the rails of becoming a villain.

In my opinion, Norman’s mysterious face and general shadiness along of his massive intelligence is something that’s always been on the side of humanity, but it’ll be interesting to see if those things are what makes Norman one of the most dangerous kinds of villains in media the villain that thinks what he’s doing is right while it’s definitely an interesting idea ultimately think that this conflict of Norman’s character having to stay true to either the Revolutionists or Emma is definitely an interesting one, and it’s hopefully something that the anime expands on when we get to that point to really understand a lot of the background stuff going on here between the conflict though.

Everything going on with Norman from the first episode in the anime up until where we are currently in the manga.

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